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What Type of Costume Jewelry Should You Sell?

Let us explore the different types of cheap good jewelry online at the most affordable price.

A. Gold/Silver Costume Jewelry Wholesale.

It belongs to the luxury jewelry category and comes at an expensive price. Nowadays it is rare to find jewelry purely made out of these precious metals. Rather most of it is ectroplated with a thin layer of this material to give a similar feel and appearance albeit at a lower price.

B. Original fashion jewelry Wholesale

Original fashion jewelry can be defined as a type of premium jewelry category made in original designs and quality materials. Most of this jewelry comes in unique brands such as S warzoski and fetch premium prices in the international market.

C. Cheap imitation jewelry wholesale.

Cheap imitation jewelry is identical to original fashion jewelry although the quality varies a lot. Most manufacturers make use of low-quality materials such as tin alloy, copper, nickel and brass. They go for very cheap prices and usually used for decoration.

D. Antique costume jewelry

Various non-precious materials such as diamante, rhinestone, faux Japanese pearls, Bakelite, Lucite and Trifanium. Charms and lockets belong to this category of jewelry; they fetch high prices today due to their sentimental value.

E. Over Stock of Manufacturers for costume jewelry

Overstock wholesale costume jewelry is of low-price and derived from various sources such as customized products rejected by customers, leftover products from manufacturers and products with various mistakes. The go at a tenth of the original product price and some can be sold by weight.